Obsidian has an extensive network of world class technicians in every field of the applied arts. Goldsmiths, lapidaries, gem cutters and setters, clock makers, etc. With Harry Fane’s extensive expertise, the highest standards of restoration can be applied to Cartier pieces in need of repair whether this be simple repairs to damaged jewellery or rebuilding entire clock movements.


Harry Fane’s expertise in the field of vintage Cartier is recognised by museums, collectors and auction houses alike. Aided by an extensive library, including a large portion of illustrations from the original Cartier archives, vintage Cartier pieces can be recognised and identified. As in all areas of the art world, authentication in this field is a matter of great consequence.

Watch Repair

All Cartier clocks and watches today suffer from wear, tear and tiredness. All clock and watch movements, especially those of the Mystery Clocks, are fragile and need to be treated with the utmost respect and care. Harry Fane’s team of dedicated watch and clock makers are familiar with all types of mechanisms particular to Cartier time pieces and Obsidian is able to offer a first class repair service and within reason, most problems can be overcome.

Valuations for Insurance

Obsidian ‘Certificates of Valuations for Insurance’ for vintage Cartier items are accepted by major insurance companies worldwide.